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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Deadwood Historic Preservation Commission Office, and when are they open? 
DHPC is located in Deadwood City Hall, 108 Sherman Street, next door to the Lawrence County Courthouse. City Hall is open Monday though Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, and is closed on federal holidays and during weather emergencies.

When was Deadwood founded?
Deadwood was founded in the Black Hills gold rush of1876. Modern Deadwood encompasses several old mining camps - among them are Elizabethtown, Chinatown, South Deadwood, and Pluma.

What is the population?
The 2000 census counted 1,380 permanent residents. 

What is the elevation?
Deadwood, which is at the bottom of a steep canyon, is 4,533 feet above sea level. The hills and mountains that surround the gulch can reach a height in excess of 6,000 feet ,above sea level, and the summit of nearby Terry Peak reaches an elevation of nearly 7,100 feet.

Who do I contact for Deadwood Historic Preservation loans and grants?
Please click on the Grants & Funding tab at the top of this page, or feel free to call us at 605-578-2082.

What is the difference between a contributing and a non-contributing house in Deadwood?
A contributing house is over 50 years old, on the National Historic Register, and contributes to the historic integrity of the City of Deadwood. These houses have strict guidelines to abide by; however they qualify for low interest loans and grants. A non-contributing house is not on the National Historic Register, not older than 50 years, or is over 50 years but has been changed drastically and has lost its historic integrity. 

Does Deadwood Historic Preservation have authority over non-contributing houses?
Yes. DHPC has the authority over any house within the city limits of Deadwood. Historic Preservation does not only preserve historical buildings, it must also preserve the historical integrity of the neighborhoods in Deadwood.